Car Sun Visor Sunglasses Holder Clip Universal

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Most drivers like to have nice glasses when driving their limousines. From time to time they prefer for various reasons to remove their glasses and place them in a place that they consider safe and secure.

When they recover their glasses, the owners are surprised and angry to find that their beautiful pairs of glasses have been damaged. I have good news for you. There is a solution available that will protect you from such unpleasant situations. It is an easy product to install and use. This product is called Sunglasses Holder Clip. It is fixed to the ceiling of your vehicle. It allows you to securely hang and store your pairs of glasses. This product is solid and very durable. Moreover it occupies very little space in your vehicle. It weighs 54gr and here are his dimensions:

 Height: 4.3 cm

Length: 10cm